When do I have to pay back my student loan?

A bag with a? Sign in front of a blackboard. Master Brankate, you always have to. The law clearly states who has to reimburse Brankate. How much has to be repaid? But it does not have to be:

I have to pay back my student loan soon.

I have to pay back my student loan soon.

What did you do with it? Is it possible to lower the set?

There are at least 105 euros and it is every three months (so good 300 at once) burdened – experience, the Topic Brankate is annoying after a short time, so something terrible. And if there’s a solution to doing it all at once, go ahead. For this it is also worth borrowing, because in contrast to Brankate itself these interest rates are for professional reasons and thus deductible.

The only counterargument: If your income is below the income threshold for a long time, you do not have to repay anything. I repaid everything at once (with some help from my parents), so I was able to get the repayment amount right, as stated here. Otherwise, the letter of invitation contains everything you need to know, including “What to do if I can not make the smallest part of the sentence”.

You have no choice but to reimburse the part bit by bit. As far as I know, there is no way to reduce the rate. But that’s probably all. So back then (2000) I paid back everything in one single payment. So I only had to repay half the actual number of Brankate. There are certainly comparable regulations today. Your local Brankate office should be able to tell you more.

In debt for the study: This is how the Brankate repayment works

In debt for the study: This is how the Brankate repayment works

That’s 44,100 EUR. The maximum rates are according to the Federal Training Promotion Act at 735 EUR per calendar month, the maximum duration is in practice 60 years. This does not mean, however, that Brankate beneficiaries start the employment relationship with a good 40,000 EUR in debt. “Brankate is paid in half as a loan and half as a subsidy,” says Bernhard Brsel, specialist for the topic at the DZ.

If it comes to repayment, the value is capped: A maximum of 10,000 EUR must be transferred to the Brankate, no more than 20 years? if the promotion is after the deadline. The BVA is the head office in Germany for the repayment of the non-interest-bearing bond.

“If we just have to, it’s equal to a charge of 25 euros to determine, say it.” Driving under cheapest drives, who can get the maximum 10 000 euros at once. “Who due to his revenue situation for a repayment in fares decides to have up to 20, in particular cases up to 30 years.

Among the reasons are unemployed, a small salary or for small children, from which the Brankate recipients can stop or reduce the payments for a limited time. Those who have to go into insolvency are also required to include the BVA in the creditor list. As a rule, the office charges tariffs of EUR 105 per calendar month – EUR 315 per calendar quarter.

Note: If you are in arrears with your incoming payments, you will have to expect high default interest. “Partial passports for particularly fast or particularly good studies are no longer there,” says William Achelphler, who is a lawyer specializing in cases of training support. Even the fact that the correspondence of the Federal Office of Administration actually does not arrive, is most likely? even if the Studierendenwerke no longer have a correct address.