Mini loan without credit rating

The loan offers are only for customers with good credit ratings.

The loan offers are only for customers with good credit ratings.

There are no more requirements for administrative costs or credit checks. Disability pension – Disability pension | Amount & benefit entitlement An invalidity pension – what is it? Due to a disease and its consequences, it can happen that you are no longer able to work. In this case, you have the option of a disability pension. In the following, the most common questions and their answers, as well as further information on the subject of the disability pension are listed and clarified.

From whom is a disease or benefit recognized? The medical certificate determines the invalidity of a person. As part of an exam, a doctor examines the claimant’s disability benefit. It is determined whether these persons can in principle be active in the current or in another occupational group.

In principle, there is first a differentiation of the disability pension depending on the name, if you want to differentiate between employees and employees. Employees are referred to as disability pensions, and workers as invalidity pensions. Yes, it is indeed true that some conditions have to be fulfilled in order to receive a disability pension.

In addition, the conditions for a retirement pension, ie a conventional pension, may not yet be met. In addition, there must be no legal right to reintegration or such reintegration may not be adequate or appropriate to benefit from a disability pension …. In addition, minimum terms must be respected and disability is expected for a period of six months.

This means that the lack of opportunity to obtain or obtain a job just because one is old or unable to perform a given activity due to certain physical restrictions is not a barrier to incapacity for work (eg a disability or invalidity pension). To clarify is only the clarifying question, whether it is possible for an affected person to exercise an activity from a health point of view in principle, if they find a suitable job.

Unemployed applicant

Unemployed applicant

As a rule, this gives access to incapacity to work for the pension. If the applicant is over fifty years old, he / she will have a total insurance of 360 months (of which at least 240 months will be in gainful employment) and / or only minor work. In addition, the hardship rule applies if the applicant was registered as unemployed in the year before the balance sheet date, or if it is not expected or possible that the persons concerned will give up employment within the following calendar year.

If a person’s state of health predicts permanent disability, a permanent disability pension is granted. When assessing performance, professional environmental protection is an essential part. Occupational environmental protection means that persons who have been in a qualified or semi-skilled employment relationship for more than half of this period or who have been employed as employees during this period enjoy a degree of legal protection.

If a person fulfills this feature, they may only be referred to similar activities or activities in that profession. However, if the person concerned is no longer able to carry out this work due to health problems, then this is a condition for the disability pension. Anyone who does not fall under the abovementioned OSH could also exercise all the occupations available on the labor market, ie the persons concerned would have to carry out another activity which they could still do in the field of health.

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